Apartment at Wielka Street
Wielka Street 11/6, Poznań

Apartment at Klasztorna Street
Klasztorna Street 8/2, Poznań

Apartment at. Paderewskiego Street
Paderewskiego Street 3/5 m.1

Apartment at. Żydowska Street
Żydowska Street 35A/8


  1. Guests arriving to Poznań by plane are advised to arrive by taxi and to get a taxi in front of the airport.
  2. For guests arriving to Poznań by train, we recommend that you arrive by taxi from the train station or by previously arranged Uber. If you have small luggage and you are about to stay:
    – in Apartament Stary Rynek Wielka or Apartament Stary Rynek Żydowska you may go by tram number 8 from Dworzec Zachodni stop to Małe Garbary stop.
    – in Apartament Stary Rynek Paderewskiego you may go by tram number 5 from Dworzec Zachodni stop to Marcinkowskiego stop.
    – in Apartament Stary Rynek Klasztorna you may go by tram number 5 from Dworzec Zachodni stop to Wrocławska stop.
    Please mind, that Dworzec Zachodni stop is located at Głogowska Street, outside the train station (please use the underpass and leave the train station behind platform 6 going upstairs).


  1. Apartamenty Stary Rynek are located in the best, historical part of Poznań, access to which is difficult by car. It is not allowed to drive a car in front of the buildings, except the building of Apartament Stary Rynek Wielka, where you may not park on the southern side however.
  2. Stary Rynek do not have its own parking. Parking fees are not included in the price. Guests pay for the parking by themselves.
  3. In the vicinity of our apartments there are public, unguarded places to park subject to payment from Monday to Friday between 8 A.M. and 6 P.M.
  4. The nearest guarded parkins are located:

    – at Stawna Street (for Apartament Stary Rynek Wielka and Apartament Stary Rynek Żydowska);

    – under Plac Wolności (for Apartament Stary Rynek Paderewskiego);

    – at Za Bramką Street (for Apartament Stary Rynek Klasztorna);